Nowadays, building on a smaller land is very common while larger lands are very costly and rare. Middle class society cannot afford a large home. That\’s why now we see most of the homes are made in a narrow space. There are a lot of ways to make your home look and feel bigger. Open layout:

Open layout can make your home look and feel bigger. You can omit the walls during renovation by reputed renovation builders; it will help to reflect sunlight in the room. That makes the rooms look bigger. Open layout also contain high ceiling. Nowadays, dining room, living room, and kitchen are all together that save the space and also make the room feel bigger. It also has a benefit. You can also spend a family time together.Interior decorator:

Everyone has their different ideas of how to create the rooms bigger. But if you want to set everything as your dream in your room you have to contact with interior decorator. The best way to choose interior decorators, like builders Central Coast, is to go through customer reviews. As interior decorators know how to create more space in a narrow space so we can believe on them. They make a lot of shelves and drawers where everything can be stored and also does not look messy. They use the light colours in home to look the rooms more bright. They know what types of furniture can save the space and fit into a narrow space and looks bigger. As they are experts they know better than us. So, the best way to make the home look bigger we can hire interior decorators. You can use the space under the stairs:

If you want to set everything in a narrow home, you need storage. That\’s why you can use the space under the stairs as storage. Now, in most of the homes, there is no store room. You can keep a lot of unnecessary things under the stairs. But if you contact an expert they can settle the messy things under the space of the stairs. You also add a balcony. Thus, you can have an extra space where you can enjoy with your family and friends. The use of glass:

To look home bigger use of glass is very useful. Through glass windows light can enter into the room. That makes the room brighter. Always bright rooms look larger than reality. Using of big glass windows and doors take outer environment into our home and makes a beautiful flow. By this process we can make the home look bigger and wide.