Frameless Frame

When it comes to wall decor, deciding which photo frame kinds are best for your room may be a little difficult. How do you determine what will look best in your house among the various frame finishes, presentation styles, and materials? We can help with that. In this article, we’ll describe the many kinds of photo frames, consider what makes them special, and offer some of our favourite ways to display them. Consider the walls to be covered.

Gallery frames

A raised frame-in-frame look, such you may frequently see in a museum photographic display, is produced by gallery frames with a mat. Any space in your house will benefit from the same beauty that our real hardwood Gallery Frames provide, along with a dash of mid-century modern style. If you want to create the gallery wall you’ve always wanted, group a few of your most cherished prints together in this frameless frames design. With the archival-quality paper and rich, true-to-life colour of Gallery Frames’ premium Gisele prints, you can create a collection fit for a museum in your own home.

Canvas Prints

These prints go one step further in terms of depth by extending canvas onto an interior frame, which makes the picture appear to be protruding from the wall. For the pictures you want to stand out at first look, use canvas prints. It’s perfect for preserving the images you wish to keep and pass down to future generations, including wedding and child photos. The canvas print need to always be the main attraction, whether it is hung by itself or with different kinds of frames. If adding it to a wall covered, hang it in the middle to allow your collection of frames to interact with one another in a balanced way.

Deep set frames

Deep-set frames borrow a trick from shadow boxes by utilising a larger mat and deeper frame to focus attention on the picture. This distinct profile casts a soft internal shadow that adds dimension where there previously wasn’t any. It is perfect for displaying tranquil scenery or trip images. The interplay of the image’s layers captivates the observer and offers a fleeting escape to far-off locales and historical tales.

Floating frameless frames

The title suggests it all: Floating frames replace the mat with clear glass or acrylic to give your poster the appearance of floating on the wall. Displaying “the one” is done with the Floating Frameless Frame. It provides that iconic image the appearance of standing alone and grabbing everyone’s attention where it belongs.

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