Toilet clogging is a household problem that most homeowners seem to forget about all the time until it actually happens. It is very problematic to homeowners because it causes bad odour and is extremely unhygienic to the family because of the high risk of the spread of bacteria and other viruses.

Reasons for the Clogging of Toilets

Low water flow is a very common cause for clogging because there isn’t enough water pressure to complete flush the waste. This is usually found in old or weak flush toilets. Too much toilet paper or other materials such as toys can block the traps leading to the drainage and prevent water flow which causes clogging in toilets. Drain line build up or even build up in the pipes of the toilet can cause clogging. Therefore it is necessary that toilets are frequently cleaned well to prevent clogging. Tree roots can cause damages to the sewer line and allow other materials enter the sewer and prevent the easy flow of the waste. Most of the common problems above can be usually fixed using simple toilet tools but there are cases when it requires professional plumbing services therefore before you rush to conclusions first find the cause for the clogging and follow the instructions below to unclog your toilet. 

Prevent Overflow

As soon as you notice that water is filling up rather than flushing remove the toilet lid and eject the flapper. This will stop the flow of water into the toilet and stop overflowing which will cause damages to the washroom floor. In some cases prior to clogging the toilet will not flush. So keep this in mind and prevent clogging by testing the toilet.

Toilet Plunger

The toilet plunger which has a slightly different structure from a regular plunger helps remove the waste and unclogs the toilet. Before you start make sure the area surrounding the toilet is covered with paper or cloth to prevent floor damages and also wear gloves. Plunge the plunger directly into the drain and move in opposite direction. It will create a strong suction that may even pull out a small toy from the drain. A plunger usually fixes any blocked toilet Cardiff and must be available in all households.

A Cleaner

Try to use natural cleaners such as enzyme cleaners or DIY homemade cleaners rather than using chemical cleaners as it may damage the toilet and the pipes. Cleaner is an effective way to remove waste build up but it must be kept in the toilet overnight.