clinical psychologist perth

Psychology has many types and Clinical psychologist in perth is one of them its specialty is to observe mental and behavioral healthcare for families and individuals. It also provides consultation to communities by educating and training and also provides research-based practices to both communities and agencies as well. Another one of its specialty is in breadth it deals with the severely psychopathological issues of an individual. Observing the individual’s issue through a psychology problem is another attribute that is taught in clinical psychology. The Clinical Phycology has a broad scope encompassing all ages varied systems and diversities.

Clinical Psychologist:

Clinical Phycologist is more like a mental health doctor who has highly specialized training to diagnose treatments for conditions like behavioral, mental, or emotional illnesses it also includes (OCD) obsessive compulsive disorder. A Clinical Phycologist is not the type doctor who prescribes medicines to treat all those mental health related issues they rather use psychological techniques like (CBT) cognitive behavioral therapy or therapy like psychoanalytic. For a Clinical Phycologist a Ph.D. is mandatory in Clinical Psychology. A professional Clinical psychologist gets a license before seeing a patient but once it does the patient feels like there’s an opportunity for thing getting better.

Couples Counselling:

Couples get themselves stuck in some occasional potholes in some scenarios it’s time that both the partners want to have to let ting get back to normal but in some cases, things need immediate attention. Couples Counseling is a great way sometimes to smooth out things going wrong between both the partners saving them from falling into a sink hole. Research has shown it supports couples who are seriously distressed. It usually takes years to maintain the pace mostly couple are suggested to take a session every 24 weeks. It’s a long period of time but it works in almost 70 to 80 percent cases and couples start to feel happy again they come out of that pothole and start watching the true beauty of a married relationship. Couples are suggested to have Couples Counseling as soon as the problem starts to begin otherwise there is a prompt chance missing the therapies effects. In this scenario time is the key and no one likes to stay frustrated over something with your life partner. Couples are recommended to engage in some combined activity where both the partners are supposed to work out something together as a team such strategies and a few numbers of therapies can really make your married life a true bliss like it is supposed to be.


Psychologists can be considered as casual doctors they study get a degree they know how to treat your illness they tell you the precautions but the only difference here is that they don’t just treat your body they treat your thoughts which is a very tough and takes puts a big responsibility on the Psychologist. Couples getting their life back happy and healthy are such happiness thanks to all the Psychologists out there in this world.