decking oil perth

People often confuse wood and timber as alternative words of the same thing but they can be distinguished from one another. Wood is the hard part of the tree that is present beneath the bark whereas timber is the kind of a wood which is processed form of it. It is the timber that is used in the manufacturing of various materials. The things that are made with timber might vary from furniture items to the floorings. Even though; there are many different types of wood that can be used for the manufacturing purposes but people prefer using timber as the constructional material because it is readily available as well as budget friendly. We know that timber is used for the constructional purposes mainly in making of floors but there are times when these solid timber floors get stained. In such cases; there is special oil known as decking oil that is used to get rid of these stains. In this article; we will be discussing about the process of decking oil in perth application.

Solid timber floors:

Basically; timber flooring is done with the use of hardwood timber because it is readily available and can easily be changed to any structure. Hardwood timber is known as the one which is obtained from the wood of such a species which falls under the hardwood family. The solid timber flooring structures are quite thick which is why they are used in most of the constructional materials especially the flooring part. These timber floors are hundred percent made up of refined hardwood which is why they are long lasting and can endure the extreme weather conditions as well.

The application of decking oil:

Decking oil can be defined as the kind of oil that is made with the amalgamation of multiple types of oils and such ingredients that help in preserving the originality of the timber floors. It does not change the colour of the floor rather it maintains its original texture. The perfect way to apply decking oil is to begin with the application in the first plank, moving on to second and then following the whole procedure evenly. Once; the first layer of oil has been applied and dried then you can begin with the application of the second layer but apply a thinner coat this time. You can remove the excessive oil with cotton pad, in case; you have mistakenly applied oil more than the required.


Timber is the kind of a wood that is used in the manufacturing of different furniture items as well as for constructional purposes. Hardwood specie of the timber family is used in the manufacturing of solid timber floors in wa because it is durable, easily available and can be changed into any shape as desired. Decking oil is applied on timber flooring every now and then to maintain the texture of the floor. “VCS solid timber floors” is known for providing the best quality of decking oil.