termite inspections

We are a trusted, family run pest inspections organization who’s inspections, overseeing and examination partnership is committed to surpassing the nuisance organization wants of our clients in Ocean Grove, Surf Coast, Highton, Waurn Ponds, Leopold, Torquay, Geelong and then some. However, we are going to more noteworthy lengths to safeguard the security of our assortment of labourers eventually of this difficult time.


Geelong Pest Control values being in a situation to technique each nuisance issue with a receptive outlook, no living or climate are something similar, subsequently neither have to the strategy to treating each property be something very similar. Our wide termite inspections assortment one priority is the assurance of you, your family and your pets while also proficiently and definitively treating your home, to now not exclusively destroy your current day bother inconveniences anyway to moreover ensure that they do now not return!


Irritations are standard during the year and are successful of getting by in hindering climatic circumstances. Geelong pest inspections never again exclusively offers a response for your current day bother try anyway moreover feels it is indispensable to show you, the mortgage holder, on techniques to limit future nuisance reinfestation. Whether you need mosquito oversee or various critters, we’re here to help.


Above all else, it’s fundamental to see that termites are underground. This capacity that they venture underground undetected termite inspections. They are specifically dangerous because of the reality generally speaking, when you have seen the harm, it is especially perhaps they’ve been there for quite a while.


Bug Inspections Did you be aware? In the event that your home-grown has been broken through termites, you are NOT safeguarded through your protection.

Residential Services

Geelong Pest Control conducts review for a wide scope of private homes along with city houses, units, condos, single story houses, twofold story houses, acreages, monster properties, farmland and the entire in the middle between. Keep mosquitos and various irritations under control with our gifted nuisance control group.

Commercial Control

Geelong Pest Control gives a shift of redesign applications for the business area, comprising of anyway at this point not restricted to cafés, bistros, processing plants, purchasing focuses, excursion parks, matured care offices, gas stations, cabins and inns, air terminals, naval force bases and extra – at cheap costs.


Geelong Pest Control especially prescribes a termite counteraction treatment before improvement after the substantial guidance is finished. The cure utility of Home guard Blue PB makes a real and substance counteraction gadget pest inspections from coming into your home.

We technique each bug examination with a receptive outlook, handle that no living or climate are something very similar, and thusly neither should the methodology to treating the difficulty be familiar.

Our wide assortment one priority is the insurance of you, your family and your pets while also accurately and exactly treating your home, to now not exclusively destroy your current day bother inconveniences anyway to verify that they really do never again get back furthermore!