IBC Accessories


An IBC accessory is any part of an IBC that can be used to make the container more useful. They are often used to heat, cool, and move things around within the container.

Here are some of the IBC accessories you should know about to improve your workflow.

IBC Adaptors

IBC adaptors are the most important part of your IBC system. They are the interface between your IBCs and whatever else you need to connect them to. It can be as simple as a hose or tube, or it could be an entire manifold with multiple hoses and valves that allow you to easily dispense liquids from multiple locations at once.

2″ Camlock Tank Adaptor

A 2-inch camlock tank adapter is a product that you will find yourself using quite often in the brewing and fermentation process. What it does is allow you to connect directly from your tank or fermenter to other pieces of equipment, such as hoses, valves, or pumps. It is important to have these handy because they make things much easier when it comes time for transferring or moving beer around your brewery. They come in all varied sizes based on how wide they are on one side (2″, 3″, 4″, etc.).

IBC Heaters and Blankets

Heaters and blankets are used to keep IBCs at a constant temperature of 15-30°C, depending on the type of product you are storing. These items can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. In combination with an IBC cover, these accessories can also help to prevent dust from entering your containers.

Fittings and Valves

Fittings and valves are used to control the flow of liquids, gases and/or steam. Fittings provide a wide range of ways to connect piping components and valves allow you to control the direction of flow through your system. They come in many different sizes and can be used in both hot and cold applications.

Manifolds and Quick-Change Couplings

A manifold is a device used to connect several hoses together and split their flow into separate streams. A quick-change coupling enables you to quickly disconnect and reconnect one hose from another without the need for tools.

Self-Bunded Tanks

Self-bunded tanks are a special type of IBC that uses a double wall design to prevent leaks and spills. They are used in applications where the environment is not suitable for standard IBCs, such as explosive environments or marine applications.

Pallet Covers and Dust Covers

Pallet covers and dust covers are a must-have for any IBC. There are many types of pallets covers available that vary in size and shape depending on what type of container you have.

IBC Racks, Trolleys, and Tilters

If you are transporting IBCs, then you need to know about these accessories. They can be used to transport IBCs and ensure a safe journey

Spill Control Kits and Spill Platforms

Spill kits and spill platforms are essential for the safe handling of hazardous materials. They can be used to contain spills, which will prevent contamination and keep workers from meeting dangerous chemicals. Many types of spill kits exist, including portable ones that can hold up to one hundred gallons of liquid, as well as stationary ones designed for use in factories or warehouses. Spill platforms are also designed for specific uses—some have wheels so they can be moved around easily; others come with rollers that allow you to move your IBCs without lifting them manually.


If you want to get the most out of your IBCs, then you should consider investing in some accessories. Here are some things to think about before making that decision:For further information please visit our website: dhemhe.com.au.