Despite the fact, that baby formula companies are providing an only alternative to the breast feeding, the infants’ formula has considered and succeeded in providing three types of the infants formulas. These wide arrays of the brands have strived to compete each other but cannot deny the fact, that baby formulas are ready to feed, liquid concentration and the powder form. These are the three alternative forms and cannot be a simple substitute because it is its own pros and cons. Still, moms are putting their hands on these varieties to suit their situations and their infants’ best. Visit this link for more info on baby formula.

Powder form of infants formula

It is particularly sold in cartons or canisters. The powder form of baby formulas are needed to mix in particular quantity of water prior it’s serving to babies. It has its own advantages. It is the cheapest of all and the powder can last for a long time until and unless mixed with water. You can check its expiry date too. Unlikely, it is not the easiest form available for travelling because it can be source of mess. It needs to be added by scoops that makes washing of more things. Some companies might offer you single sachets but they cannot be pocket friendly. Drinking water should be clean. Moreover, the powder form of food is not sterile and specifically cannot be used for the immature infants.

Liquid concentrated form

This form of baby formula also requires shaking and mixing with some water. But as it is liquid, no scoop is needed.

It has the benefit of no scoop that decreases its potential of mess. The powder is cheaper than it. Being expensive and requirement of consuming it within 48 hours of opening make it a difficult option for breastfeeding mothers who choose it as an alternative. Else, it needs to be refrigerated.

Ready to feed types of infant formula are premixed. They are opened and needs to be fed to the infants within 48 hours opening or refrigeration. They are expensive and needs to be consumed at once when they are opened. These are intended to serve single time. It has little chance of being contaminated and they are very easy for usage.

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