Solve The Squeaky Floor

Hardwood flooring has a real aesthetic appeal unless it starts to give you problems. Wood flooring itself comes with some restriction. All parts of the house cannot be covered keeping in mind the use of water at different places. But these are not the only problems; another problem is squeaking floors. The lumber used for the floor gets dried up and shrunk and that is when they start to create sound. This sound may help you track any footfall in any part of the house. This will help you to know if the young ones are moving out of the house or towards the kitchen. Except that squeaking floors are of no use. They can only make you cover your ears and break your concentration. With some tricks this floor can be fixed. In this article, we are going to discuss about these things. However, the best way to repair carpeted squeaking floor is to hire reputed professionals.


Shims are thin pieces of wood. These pieces of woods are pushed into the joint where artificial flooring meet the squeaking floor. This must be pushed at the nearest joint. This will give added support and stop the floor from moving and the sound will be stopped. Carpenter’s glue must be applied to the piece to keep it properly fixed to the floor. The shims will help you solve the problem of your carpeted squeaking floor. Though you won’t be able to track your kids after the process, the sound will not irritate again.

Squeak ender:

Squeak ender is a piece of hardware. This is also applied to the subfloor. This piece brings the joist and subfloor together. The two parts will not rub against one another preventing the sound of squeaking. This is as effective as shims. There will be no problem of squeaking sound all over the house.

Screw can also be used:

Drywall screw or sheet metal screw are used for this purpose. It is used through the subfloor, shim and joist. The screw must be long enough to grab the hardwood floor, but it should never go through it.


The problem of squeaky floor happens especially in winter. As the air dries up, the wood become dry and starts rubbing against each other creating the sound. Using a humidifier can solve this problem. One can try this by adding one to a room to fix the sound.

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