Losing someone near and dear is devastating and destroys people’s abilities to process things. Being a third party to that grief is difficult, because you do not feel like whatever you do helps them in any way to get through their sadness. Sometimes, it is a case of your not being physically able to be there, because of other commitments or being too far away. In such situations, there are ways to show your friends, relatives, colleagues etc. that you are there for them. Several ways on how to do this are given below:

Keep the Distance

If you do not feel like you are qualified to be a first hand aggrieved party – if you didn’t know the deceased that well – but you are close with the person that is facing the loss, it would be appropriate to show them that you care enough to let them mourn. For this purpose, you can choose to send a flower bouquet Sydney, a garland or a sympathy card with a heartfelt message. You will be surprised at how grateful they will be that you chose to send them love from afar without smothering them with concern. Of course, if they want you close to them during their difficult time, there’s no question whether or not you should be with them.

Do Little Favours

It would mean the world to whoever that is going through a rough time if they had people around them to take care of the daily details and minute happenings until they get back on their feet. Simple things like feeding the pets, picking up the kids from school, going grocery shopping and cleaning the house would seem like huge tasks that require constant effort. If you are able to help out in that regard – offer to drive their children to and from school, do their shopping for them and open your house for them to occupy while theirs is being arranged for a funeral – you are doing them a great service. They may not acknowledge your efforts at that time, but rest assured that they are grateful for it.

Listen to Them

Perhaps the greatest role that you can play is to listen to their heartbroken rants and tearful vents. Not only do they need to do this, they also need to get on with life, and for some people, talking about it really helps.

Get Things Done

If they are not in a mental state to arrange anything, offer your support! You do not have to take them everywhere. You can use the internet for services such as that of an online florist, caterer, funeral directors etc. and have only the essential things done face to face. All in all, being there for your relative is your duty – they will be grateful no matter what, but it is always better to be more than just there.