Rules In Every Buck’s Party That Friends And Groom Must Take Note

A good friend does not let their friend who will soon get married without having a memorable buck’s night. But before you spend all your money on this party, it is best to know the rules first. Memorize these tips and surely you will remember all the moments you’re about to spend with your friends:

The Best Man is the Party Planner

The first tip of every buck’s party is to know what the future groom wants to do in his night. Does he want to party in Las Vegas? Or would he rather drink and smoke weed with his friends in a private place? Also, you must remember that not all bachelor parties involve strippers and booze. As such, if the future groom doesn’t want stripper because of his agreement with his fiance, then just don’t invite one to your party. As soon as the groom decides the bucks ideas Melbourne he wants for the night activities, it is now the job of the best man to put everything on set. Moreover, the best man must plan the transportation before and after the party. This is especially true when there is alcohol during the event. If a member volunteers to drive, then it’s great! However, when no one wishes to drive his tipsy mate, then, it is best to hire for a car service.

The Groom Will Not Pay for Anything

The costs of the bucks party packages will be divided equally among the attendees. However, the groom must not pay for anything. As such, if you are planning a trip for the weekend, make sure to save a penny now. Furthermore, it is the best man’s responsibility to start collecting the money.

The Groom Decides Who to Invite

Since it is the groom’s party, it is his call to invite who should be on the guest list. He can invite his friends, colleagues, and relatives.

No Embarrassment

Another rule is not to embarrass the groom and make sure not to put his life in danger. Always make sure that everything is safe because you don’t want to explain to the wife why the groom has a cast. A few shots to honor the future groom is fine. But it is not okay to chase shots by shot gunning beers. It will be awful to see the groom ending up at the rooftop of Las Vegas sunburned.Indeed, the night is not over until the groom says so. If the groom wants to stay a little longer, then you shall stay. If he wants to leave the place, then you shall leave. Indeed, this is the future groom’s party and he is in charge of everything.

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