It could be a hard time when your kid is leaving for kindergarten. They were home from the time they were born up until now, and suddenly are taken to a new place, away from home, amongst unknown people. Some kids don’t take this in a good way; there are instances where they have to be home schooled until primary school starts as they never get used to the kindergarten. However some jump right in to it, making friends and enjoying hand work among other things.

How you can help
Don’t linger when you see the kid keeps looking back at you when you first drop them off. If you are there they will understand another option, of going home instead of staying there, is still available! Make them think you are gone and they have to somehow get used to this life now. Most kids are okay when they see a lot of other kids, but some who grew up all by themselves as an only child might be more apprehensive. Officials at the facility shouldbe able to take care of that as they are licensed professionals; you must make sure they are, before enrolling the child in to that school. Kids now have various entertainment for their age groups, and they are taught to use throw-away items as well; you will see them playing with flute board and making toilet paper roll flowers in no time.

Dealing with the age
Not only at this tender age, but also when they are older, being a kid’s friend is the best thing. When you tell the truth about what they ask- and they tend to ask a lot of questions at this age- and make them understand certain things, when they themselves experience those first hand and realizing you always was truthful with them, that will be a real plus point. For example, some parents try to downplay a second child, but that might hit them back when the elder decides to hate the young child. Most families tend to have a second child during the first’s departure to school. It could be okay but you must take care to not to make the elder see it as him or her being “thrown away” to school or day-care and a new one taking their place at home. Best method is to tell them the truth about a new arrival, and make them responsible for it, say things like “you will have to take care when it cries, or when mommy is not in the room”. That way they learn a valuable lesson to love a sibling.

Montessori Method
Dr. Maria Montessori developed her Montessori Method after scientifically observing children from childhood to adulthood. It includes a lot of practical approaches to making them learn values which is a fantastic way of inculcating ethics, morals and principles of life in them. You can also help and do things with them by using stuff thrown to garbage, or getting unwanted parts from a sewing shop or plastic products manufacturers Australia. You can come up with new ideas by searching the web, and do them as a team work at home. Your child will appreciate the time spent with them and you get to learn and understand them more. It is also an excellent way of having better communication. You try to always be by their side but it is practically impossible. But if you build that relationship on trust and love, it will be unbreakable. plastic-sheet