Luxor Linen has a renowned name in Australia. We are operating our services in Australia we have an online business of selling home clothing. Our aim is to provide quality home linen products at comparatively good prices. We want to have a long chain of satisfied customers. We are mainly focusing on making products for winters like, quilt, bedsheets, sofa cover, quilt covers etc. We mostly need quilts and blankets and other products which make us warm and give a cozy and comfortable feel in winters. The intensity of cold varies from region to region. In Australia, mostly the season remain cold throughout the year. 

As we all know, everything remains same regardless of the strictness of weather because up downs in temperature is like a normal thing so people are aware of the season. They just need to be prepared to protect themselves in every weather. The temperature sometimes reaches down to the lowest level and goes in negative, this is the worst time when people have to protect their loved ones as there are a bunch of chances to get the cold. To fight with this situation, everyone has to prepare and have a number of cozy and warm quilts which make their days and night a happy time so that they have a continuous sleep with any interruption of feeling cold in freezing nights. 

Luxor linen offers a wide variety of alpaca wool quilt and the quality of quilt says itself as they are made of sheep skin so it eliminates the doubt that this quilt will not protect against the cold. Following are options that a customer has to make choices for them as we are having quilts for all the seasons. 

200/350 GSM All Seasons Merino Wool Quilt: 
This type of quilt has less layers of coverage and can be used in all the season. If there is light cold and you have turned the ac on in the night then it is preferable for you. 

350 GSM Merino Wool Quilt: 
It is suitable for light to moderate cold weather. Let’s say, the weather is pleasant during the day time and there are chances there might be a bit cold n the night so it is good to have 350 in this weather. 

500 GSM Merino Wool Quilt: 
This type of quilt has a thick layer as compared to the 200-350 GSM Merino wool quilt. It can be used as soon as the winters starts.  

700 GSM Merino Wool Quilt: 
It has a thick layer and can used in freezing cold weather. When the nights have cool breeze along with the chilly vibes. 

Alpaca Wool Quilt: 
It is a combination of Alpaca and wool. This blend of quilt is a life saver and can use when the winters is on its peak. Cold weather along with snowfall. We provide you quality service because we want you enjoy the life not only spend the life. quilt-sale