New Year is a global event and almost every country celebrates it. New Year celebration is a mixture of different feelings. Some people celebrate it as the end of the year and on the other hand, some people celebrate this night to say welcome of the upcoming year. Some people love to celebrate New Year in church and other holy places while some celebrate it in public places.

Many people arrange New Year parties at their home. Celebration of New Year night is common in different countries. Many people also celebrate New Year Eve party before a day of New Year. As New Year party has its importance; New Year eve party also has some importance as New Year party have. People also strive to celebrate New Year eve party with some new ideas. Some ideas to celebrate New Year Eve party are as following:

Ideas for decoration of New Year Eve party:

Moon shape piñata:

The moon shape piñata works in different ways. Moon shape piñata hangs with candies and it also decorates simply. Moon shape piñata has different ways to decorations. A simple but elegant way to decorate home for the party.

Metallic yarn pom-poms for cupcake decoration:

These yarn pom-poms look elegant and awesome. These sparkly yarn pom-poms can leave for years and it can easily use again and again. This decoration piece gives an awesome look to cupcakes.

Glittered features:

An easy and cheap way to celebrate home is: dipping birds’ features in glitter.   

Constellation cookie tray:

The cookie tray in constellation style is also a great idea to serve guests. It also decorates without glitter.

Spray bulb:

The spray a bulb with metallic spray colour is also awesome idea to makes a decorative piece. Spray bulb works as a hanging piece. It is a cheap and elegant idea to celebrate makes party decoration awesome.

Homemade party hats:

The homemade party hats look awesome. With the help of paper or cardboard, glitter and sparkle a beautiful hat are ready to wear for eve party.

Glittery marshmallow for hot chocolate:

For serving hot chocolate; marshmallow is a good idea. It looks good and enhances the flavour of hot chocolate.

Sparkly foam at balloons:

Attaching sparkly foams in the string of balloons is also a great idea to make the home elegant. Colours of balloons also matter in the decoration of the party hall.

Golden disco balls:

Golden disco balls are forever perfect piece of decoration. Golden disco balls work as a hanging decoration piece.

Paper lanterns:

Glitter paper lanterns also a hanging decoration piece for the party. It is also simple and easy to decorate the piece.

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